Horizon Networks

Battling food insecurity and connecting those most isolated by COVID-19.

Our Mission

At Horizon Networks, our mission is to connect young individuals with those who are in at-risk groups, easing the loneliness that many individuals feel whilst under quarantine. We understand the difficulties associated with staying at home for extended periods of time during social distancing, especially for those who are particularly vulnerable or at-risk. However, it is a necessary step to stopping the spread of the disease. With the pandemic slowing down, we initiated the Horizon Hub program.



Seniors Helped


Senior Center Partnerships


Volunteers Globally

1-on-1 Conversations

Each senior will be paired with one volunteer and sent to breakout rooms to foster great 1-on-1 discussions.

Yoga & Meditation

Volunteers will lead Seniors through a variety of simple yoga stretches and calming meditation meetings.

Book Clubs

Volunteers and Seniors can discuss their favorite novels, and see if there are any commonalities.

Online Games

Seniors can participate in games such as online Jeopardy, Trivia quizzes, and many more engaging and fun activities.

Music Performances

Volunteers with a love for music will showcase their singing or musical instruments talents, and give the seniors a nice musical experience.

Artwork Sessions

Volunteers and Seniors can take part in creating art projects such as drawing, decorating, or designing pieces of art.

Origami Sessions

Volunteers will guide seniors through fun origami projects, and make many cool designs. All that is required is some paper and a pair of scissors.


We showcase live or prerecorded performances done by our theater loving volunteers, and seniors can also choose what is performed.

History Tours

Volunteers will walk seniors through an interactive slideshow and lead a fun trivia type game on different cultures and their history.

Horizon Hub

Battling food insecurity one meal at a time.


Meals Served


Pounds of Food Saved


Worth of Food Saved

About Horizon Hub

Horizon Hub is a never-ending pursuit to preserve meals, through weekly community-based food drives aimed at alleviating food wastage and safely vacuum sealing meals for those in need. With 108 billion pounds and nearly 40 percent of all food in America going to waste each year, 13.5 million Americans struggle with food insecurity. However, through innovative methods, we commercially chamber seal meals, allowing them to last up to two years when stored properly in food banks, community fridges, and homes. Horizon Hub is another step forward to achieving a world without hunger.



*Note: as of April 2021, COVID Networks has rebranded to Horizon Networks

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Our mission is to connect young individuals with the Elderly who are most at-risk, easing the loneliness and uncertainty during these trying times...

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Volunteer FAQ

Yes we appreciate your hard work and we want to reward our volunteers with volunteer hours and other benefits We are PVSA certified! Volunteer hours will be based on the length of the activity, effort put in beforehand, and quality!

Because of the meaningful and sensitive nature of the role, we hold high expectations for all of our volunteers in the organization. While no specific knowledge or skills are required, we are looking for volunteers who show genuine passion and dedication to our work, and an ability to be accepting and connect to individuals with different backgrounds or beliefs.

It’s simple, we individually match the volunteer to the senior and we will inform both parties of the scheduled date and time of their meeting!

We ask that our volunteers try to remain as active as possible, participating in at least one meeting every week. With that being said, we understand that in light of current events, there are more important things that may require our attention. For that reason, Horizon Networks will try to work with your schedule when scheduling meetings with you.

To apply for this opportunity, fill out the form under the Volunteer section of the website. Furthermore, you can email any additional resume/supplements to info@thehorizonnetwork.org.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us directly at: info@thehorizonnetwork.org

Senior FAQ

Yes! Everyone is eligible to apply for this service. It is 100% free, 100% virtual, and we have many guidelines in place for our volunteers to ensure that they conduct themselves in a responsible manner, as to ensure a smooth experience. If you are looking meet a fresh perspective or just want to talk, please sign up or reach out to us at info@thehorizonnetwork.org!

To use video services, you need a device which supports either a browser or an app store. Most android, iOS, Windows, and MacOSx devices will work perfectly with this. On a PC or macbook, you can connect straight from the browser or download the desktop application. On a mobile device, you will need to download the app from the proper app store. You can get a direct link to this by going to the site zoom.us on your phone browser. We will email you with the specific zoom meeting time 1-3 days before your meeting. After you confirm your availability, the meeting link will be sent via email. If you have any further confusion with how to use zoom, please refer to this link (click here).