Chief Executives

Chief Executive Officer

Mahad Sohail

Founder, Current Advisor

Pranav Eranki

Executive team

Chief Operations Officer

Ahmed Babaeer

Chief Development Officer

Christoper Chung

Chief Financial Officer

Josh Katzman

Chief Marketing Officer

Rob Badger

Our Mission

At Horizon Networks, our mission is to connect young individuals with those who are in at-risk groups, easing the loneliness that many individuals feel whilst under quarantine. We understand the difficulties associated with staying at home for extended periods of time during social distancing, especially for those who are particularly vulnerable or at-risk. However, it is a necessary step to stopping the spread of the disease. With the pandemic slowing down, we initiated the Horizon Hub program.



As of April 2021, Covid Networks Inc. rebranded to Horizon Networks. Although we conduct operations under the name Horizon Networks, our legal name is Covid Networks Inc. and as such, our legal documentation uses Covid Networks Inc. In the spirit of full disclosure, we make our Form 990-EZ and 501(c)(3) confirmation letter readily available to the public. In the 2021 fiscal year, Horizon Networks achieved $146,292 in revenue. We hope to continue to expand our mission in the years to come.

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