Chapters - World Map

What are chapters?

We have “chapters” of Horizon Networks, which are fairly autonomous branches that operate like "subsidiaries" of our main organization. Being part of a chapter is a wonderful experience, as you can directly give back to your community by focusing on your home state or country. Each chapter has a president with a dedicated officer and volunteer team.

How To Volunteer

Please select your chapter based on your location. Once on the chapter page, please select the volunteer info dropdown. Under "volunteer info", click the link to the google form. Fill out the google form and someone will get back to you regarding the next steps. If you have any issues or questions, please email your chapter from the email listed on their chapter page.

Click on a continent, and then select your country to visit its page!

If your home country is grey, there is no chapter there currently: please apply to start a chapter in your area!

If it is orange, don't be disheartened! Foreign chapters have the potential to grow huge because of the size of the country: apply to the management team for that chapter!