Individual Seniors

If you would like to have one-on-one sessions with our volunteers, please fill out the form here. Our team will review it and use your responses to help pair you with a volunteer who has similar interests. During the signup process, seniors fill out their interests, hobbies, and other potential topics of discussion, which the volunteers may discuss with them. The seniors will also fill out topics and areas which the volunteers should specifically avoid. They will specifically list topics that they want to discuss with our volunteers. Only the senior’s name, topics of discussion, hobbies, and interests will be shared with the volunteers - only the information that is essential for the volunteers to know so they can hold a meaningful conversation with the seniors. We manually go through the list of seniors and volunteers who have signed up and pair them based on their interests, preferences, and any special needs which the seniors might have that the volunteers are capable of addressing.


Senior Centers

If you represent a senior center and would like to get in touch with us, you can contact us here! Fill out the form on our website here and after our team reviews it, we will contact you. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


Partnerships Information

Step 1: We hold a preliminary meeting with the senior care facility discussing what they would like from our partnership. In the meeting, we discuss which events they would like to do, of our six events. If they would like an additional event that is not listed, we take it into consideration and discuss logistics following the meeting. We then determine how often the center would like to hold sessions, and when they would like to start: essentially, we set a first schedule in place. Finally, we discuss what materials the center has, what technology is available for the seniors, and what their bandwidth is for overseeing events between Horizon Networks and the center.

Step 2: Once we have a schedule set in stone, we familiarize a group of volunteers with the center and train them on how to do the different activities. This group will take full responsibility for each session (ex: a group of four individuals leads a yoga session every Saturday morning) and will coordinate with the center to send zoom links, promotional materials, and discuss possible last minute logistics / changes.

Step 3: We follow the schedule for the foreseeable future, and if the center would like to introduce new events, change existing ones, or remove events from the schedule, we comply.

Step 4: We have a strict privacy policy between the volunteers and the senior center. They are only given the name and hobbies / interests of the senior they are talking to, and are explicitly told not to publicly share any of their information, as well as anything discussed during a session. We do not release any senior contact information or partnership details to the public, and do not allow media (videos, photos, etc) to be taken without the explicit written consent of the center and any relevant seniors.



Their desire to help and genuine interest in our residents has made these video conversations one of our residents’ favorite weekly activities"

"The effort these teens are making to connect with vulnerable and possibly isolated populations make them one of the most inspiring organizations I’ve worked with during my time as director of activities.

Maksim Goffin

Brad Robertson

Fieldstone Memory Care

It brought so much brightness [and happiness] in their lives, and they were no longer feeling lonely. They were looking forward to these programs, especially talking and interacting with the younger people.

Maksim Goffin

Mahesh Nihalani

Priya Living

St. Luke’s is home to 60 low income Elders that have been in quarantine since early March. Our partnership with your organization has reconnected them to the joy of music! The organizers of the Horizon Networks project are to be commended for their insight in designing a holistic system that is so efficiently and effectively breaking through the silence we have been forced into through the isolation of COVID. We look forward to engaging in these amazing experiences! With gratitude, the staff and Elders of St. Luke’s Home.
Maksim Goffin

St. Luke's Home

This student organization helps me a lot. Every Friday, I talk to Santosh about fun topics. It is very fun and makes me feel youthful. Santosh also plays games with me and keeps me engaged. I recommend Horizon Networks for every senior.

Maksim Goffin

Lakshmi T.


Horizon Networks has provided our residents with enjoyment through yoga every Saturday. The residents look forward to seeing the students over ZOOM and interacting with them in any way. We are grateful we have been able to have them on Saturday’s.

Maksim Goffin

Cedarbrook Memory