Application Process

We have a thorough application process to ensure only qualified and dedicated volunteers are approved. After reviewing a candidate’s application, we hold a short interview with them over Zoom to ensure they know how to use the service. In this interview, we will ask about the volunteer’s previous experiences, their qualities, and why they believe they will be a good selection for this process. We will also ensure they prioritize the seniors’ safety and privacy, and that they keep their personal information and topics discussed privately.


Training Program

We are proud to have a formal training program for our volunteers. During the training process, which is specific to each type of event the volunteer would like to particpate in, we provide them with guidelines for behavior, provide examples of what to do and what not to do, and have them sign a formal release waiver for media and liability. We also ensure that our volunteers know that senior privacy is paramount to us, and we carefully explain our policies.


Screening/Officiating Volunteers

Senior information and data is strictly confidential. Volunteers must agree to our terms of service and go through an extensive interview process followed by a training course to teach them proper conduct around seniors along with how to spot elderly abuse. If any volunteer violates confidentiality, is rude or disrespectful or breaks any of our terms, they will be removed from the program without hesitation and any legal issues will be discussed/pursued between the senior center and the individual. Some senior individuals do have triggers, in which case volunteers will get further training and instruction on how to properly engage with them. Volunteers are also trained to spot verbal abuse, isolation, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, and mental abuse in senior homes. Volunteers are instructed to report these instances to Horizon Networks equity team immediately.

While students of all ages can make great volunteers, we require that they must at least be in highschool. We reserve the right to refuse students the privilege of volunteering.

Every one of our volunteers will be required to fill out an official background check form and sign a liability and media release form before their first events. Volunteers who fail to fill out these forms will be respectfully asked to leave the organization.