Horizon Networks: Looking Forward

After a year of tremendous growth and development, the founders of Horizon Networks hope to continue expanding the organization as the world slowly returns to life before COVID-19. One of the goals for the future is to expand Horizon Networks as a general nonprofit, dedicated to helping all at-risk groups, not only seniors. Although the founders believe senior loneliness will always be a prevalent issue in society, especially for seniors who don’t have family who can visit them often, they would also like to utilize funds towards other projects, such as helping people in hospitals and giving resources to hospitals in underprivileged communities.

Another hope is to get the community more engaged with Horizon Networks as COVID-19 restrictions gradually begin to lift. The founders believe that partnering with local businesses is a great way to fundraise while getting people involved with the organization. For example, a fundraiser on June 12th was held in Boston in partnership with a local record label. While in-person volunteering activities may still be inconvenient for many, with time the founders hope to incorporate them when it is safe to do so. Although, they hope to continue including online events even in the future as they are more inclusive.

Being a student-led non-profit, oftentimes it can be difficult to be taken seriously. In order to combat this, the executives aim to build credibility throughout the coming years. Some projects currently underway include setting up bank accounts and credit cards. In doing so, the executives hope to open up more opportunities for its volunteers. “If I had one piece of advice for any people looking to build something similar, it would be this: at the core of every organization is the people and systems that constitute it. Build good relations with people, and make a system that works for everyone while encouraging perpetual growth, and you will succeed.”