Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Horizon Networks Blog! Here, we cater to a multigenerational audience and emphasize the necessity of compassion and unity, while brightening everyone’s day with mindful philanthropy within and outside the organization.

As high school students caught up in our own world of challenges, it is difficult for us to find our own footing in our increasingly divisive society, let alone make a positive impact for all. In fact, the prolonged quarantine and continued social distancing realizes the barriers within our community, displaying the divides which were apparent but neglected.

Our mission is to bridge the generational gap between students and seniors by creating a mutualistic community with members of all ages and experiences. By offering an open platform for social opportunities and various assistance, we hope to foster meaningful connections and unite in the face of a universal challenge.

In this blog, I or another Horizon Networks founder will post our latest developments and opportunities, or speak about anything that comes into our heart. We wish to keep this blog fun and lighthearted, but we still need to write about important topics that we feel must be covered. In essence, we have many ideas in mind, so please bear with us as we familiarize ourselves with blog writing.

More importantly, we hope to create an active vocal community of members and supporters outside of me and our writers. We would like to hear from all of you guys reading our blog, and listen to your thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to introduce yourselves in the comments with your name, where you’re from, and some of your interests and hobbies. We’d love to hear from you all!

Lawrence Fan
Cupertino High School(12)