Students Leading Yoga with Lisa-Ann

Recently, we’ve partnered with the Cedarbrook Memory Care Facility to provide weekly interactive yoga sessions for the senior community. Many of these individuals suffer from dementia and thus struggle to maintain social interactions throughout the day, which is why our yoga sessions are so important. The yoga sessions help to provide a period of relaxation for seniors during their Saturday mornings when they can follow along with our simple, yet effective, yoga routines.

The yoga routines we’ve developed help to brighten up their weekends by providing a short and simple way to exercise on Saturday mornings. Our yoga is fit for seniors of all levels, including those that have mobility issues, and helps to strengthen up the body, loosen up muscles, and release tension.

Throughout the weeks, we have received exponentially more seniors participating in our yoga sessions and very positive feedback from both the activities director and seniors.

Pranav Eranki
Cupertino High School(12)